How can e-law consulting help your business comply to POPI?


Depending on the size and nature of your business we can offer a range of seminars introducing POPI, what it’s all about and how to comply to it.


In conjunction with the responsible parties in your business, we can help draft the correct action plans to help you comply to “best business practices” with respect to POPI.

Document Audits

Many of your business documents, from employment contracts to outsourcing of data storage to name but a few, will have to be reviewed and updated to see how they comply with POPI.


From the consultation and the audits e-law can help you by drafting the correct documents, this includes drafting data protection policies for your business, re-drafting employment contracts, reviewing and redrafting supplier contracts and where necessary ensuring the correct permissions are in place for the processsing of personal data.

Review of Security Systems

Condition 7 (see article link) emphasises the need for companies to ensure that their security systems are up to date and take steps to ensure all reasonable risks have been identified and establish safeguards against the risk in question.

Should an employees’ personal information be stolen by another employee and the former employee be subject to online sexual harassment for example, your business as the “responsible party” could be sued for the losses, emotional damage and everything similar suffered by the employee. Furthermore you may also be liable to fines by the Information Regulator, this is just one simple example of what could go wrong, the best protection is to be prepared.