Business Compliance

Is your company compliant to the various laws regarding the use of information technology? Do you have the right documents and policies in place? ELC can help you renew your business policies and practices, ensuring you are compliant and minimizing legal risk.

Standards Compliance

The SABS/ISO 27000 series of standards are the leading intended standards for information technology security. By using these standards your business can minimize risks, legal and otherwise, related to the use of information technology. ELC can help you prepare your business comply to these standards and can help you get ready to be audited by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Contract Drafting

Whether it’s for software development or IT services we can assist you in drafting and/or reviewing contracts relating to information technology.

Work Place Policies & Procedures

We can help you by reviewing your current work place policies and procedures and drafting new ones to protect your business. This is particularly important in the age of social media and with the protection of personal information.

E-Commerce & Websites

ELC can help you with drafting of terms & conditions for any website ranging from simple to complex.

General Legal Advice

Whether it’s relating to social media and Facebook postings, employees abusing company IT resources, copywrites or other issues, we can give you advice on how to proceed.

Education & Training

We can help you educate your staff to be more aware of the business risks associated with the use of information technology.
We also offer education on issues such as

● ISO/SABS 27000 standards compliance
● Protection of personal information
● Business risks and social media